My 5 Wardrobe Essentials

1. A STATMENT JACKET Seen as we have very little "No Jacket Wearing" weather. A statement jacket is now my main essential! So much so that I have a wardrobe just for Jackets. We all need at least one! I can put on anything basic, a grey Body-con dress or Jeans and a T-shirt and … Continue reading My 5 Wardrobe Essentials

My Journey to Clash!!

I have loved fashion clashing for some time now, but have stayed clear as my imagination has struggled to manifest some effective clashing. Fear not! With a quick bit of research and analysis I will help you and me work it out. Let's have a look at some clashing that has grabbed my attention! I … Continue reading My Journey to Clash!!

Alexander Wang – New York Fashion Week – AW 2016/17

So straight away I loved the background music! For my first catwalk watch it really got me excited for the weeks ahead! The sounds like Temple by Baauer Feat. M.I.A & G-Dragon and Pilates by DonMonique really bring an attitude to the vibe. The clothing match this! The Models looked rebellious, 90's, and too cool … Continue reading Alexander Wang – New York Fashion Week – AW 2016/17