When You Are Sad…… RAW

When I was sad as a child I had a million shoulders A million shoulders to cry on When I was sad as a teenager I had a thousand shoulders A thousand shoulders to cry on To lean on, to count on When I was sad In my twentys I had a 100 shoulders to … Continue reading When You Are Sad…… RAW

Break Free

Crowded by the realities of life Eh hem... I mean the reality they call life Or better yet the life they made reality But theres a problem I was made with a different reality You could say it is a blessing Who said you can't be who you dream Why are we living their fairytale … Continue reading Break Free


You hit my hearts needs At 100 mile per hour speed If we did the unthinkable Would it be as magical settled with the routine we endure In fear of losing this feeling I adore The force present in my every emotion Head lost in a heavenly situation where energy is so positively fitting Trying … Continue reading 100