Boycott H &M

H&M I tried not to take the 'Monkey' T-Shirt too seriously. But gosh...I mean WTF?! H&M’s new campaign features a model in front of artist Jason ‘Revok’ Williams’ graffiti. The artist has filed a cease and desist letter to H&M on the grounds that the fashion giant’s ‘unauthorized use of his (Willaims) original artwork, and … Continue reading Boycott H &M

Spring Clean – Parting with Old Clothes

I'm sure there are a lot of others out there like me when i say, Getting rid of old clothes is like committing sin. Clothes I no longer want I go through the following questions: Will it come back around in fashion? Can I revamp it and make it current? Will someone else want this? … Continue reading Spring Clean – Parting with Old Clothes