Cross Colours – Back with a Bang!!!

Cross Colours is a clothing brand launched in 1989 by Carl Jones and TJ Walker! it offered "Clothing without Prejudice" it influenced the Hip-Hop Scene and Sports. By the 90s Cross Colours was all over tv Show 'Fresh Prince of Belair' then it boomed into pop culture. The aim was to spread a positive message and... Continue Reading →


6 Wardrobe Essentials – Men

Jeans 2. Statement Jacket 3. White T-Shirt 4. Statement Trainers 5. A suit 6. Shoes Invest in a suit that is tailored and it will always serve you well for all suit wearing events and you can change shirts and shoes for different looks. if you are anything like the males I know when it... Continue Reading →


Current Designer: Alessandro Michele since 2015 If i was to tell you me raw first thoughts of the Gucci SS17 collection, it would be.... Ghosts of the 70s who have been time travelling through the Medieval dark ages have found them selfs in the future. still in their 70s clothes but with an era exploring touch. Again... Continue Reading →


Its hard to pin point the initial inspiration behind Alexander McQueen's SS 2017 collection. It tells its own tale! There are patchwork knits, skirts with trousers, gypsy style thrills and floral embellishment. However throughout there is a gothic element with each style.   The collection was like a dark fantasy. There were bondage inspired pieces... Continue Reading →


  There has been a few running themes throughout the collections this year, and the work-wear has been one of them. At one point of the show Mulberry were in a pinned striped extravaganza. which actually worked. The collection had a formal flow mixed with the 1920's silhouette. which brings me on to the other... Continue Reading →


If I had to summarise the SS 17 Collection into 5 details it would be: BLACK L💟VE HEART V NECKS Leather Single sleeves SEE THROUGH!!! Blouses Oooohh but we can't forget the Tassle Earrings! In 5 Words - Rocky, Edgy, Dark, Sexy and WEARABLE So far this year I have seen so many dark shades... Continue Reading →


Where do I start! The Burberry SS  AW 16/17 collection. Is outstanding in every way. Let's start with the 'See today buy tomorrow' revolution that is taking place. I knew Burberry would be offering their pieces the next day, but I wasn't sure what season they would be offering. They have cleverly chosen AW! Designers... Continue Reading →


Kors kicked off with a live band which was a classy touch. Even if it did get a little cheesy midway. It did however set the scene. The collection started off with a classic feminine look. Like 40s America. We again have the 'Corporate Colours' this time with lovely wary of Spring florals in pinks,... Continue Reading →


I read that vogue accused Jermey Scott as a designer that doesn't create anything wearable. This show makes me see how that statement might be true! I watched the show with a friend. And they couldn't see how this collection was called fashion. To a point they were right. Moschino showed a collection based on... Continue Reading →


Vera Wang goes Monochrome! And again we have this merge of tailoring and sportswear!  The show starts off with off the shoulder gypsy blouse with long sleeves. Just like DKNY Vera Wang has used over long sleeves that extend past the hand.  On the runway it says 'READBETWEENTHELINES' on repeat. The collection was feminine and... Continue Reading →

DKNY SS 2017

I have been looking forward to seeing what Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell have been up to at DKNY this year. The creative directors really  impressed me last year. Their collection was fresh, hip and very New York. I have been expecting something similar this time round! Honestly, it was a bit of an anti climax. The... Continue Reading →


Going from Tom Ford to Alexander wang was like going from jazz music to pop! It took a second to re adjust and review from a new approach. Tom Ford had so much quality making it hard for anyone to follow. Shaking that off! The collection was colourful, Fun and young. It was California dreams!... Continue Reading →

TOM FORD 2016/17 RTW

Spring Summer   AUTUMN WINTER Cheeky Tom Ford displayed an AW collection during New York Fashion week SS wear for 2017. His pieces becoming available the day after the show. Now I said cheeky Tom Ford, but he is Genius Tom Ford. Some could say he has played into the hands of Fast Fashion, others could... Continue Reading →

Brazil Blazer Blast

Rio 2016! What a Opening Ceremony for the Paralympics! I have to say it was better then the Olympics! I have admired alot of the athletes wear through the Olympics. The USA sports wear being one of my favourites. But watching the Paralympics I have to give a shout out to the colourful blazer that... Continue Reading →

My Journey to Clash!!

I have loved fashion clashing for some time now, but have stayed clear as my imagination has struggled to manifest some effective clashing. Fear not! With a quick bit of research and analysis I will help you and me work it out. Let's have a look at some clashing that has grabbed my attention! I... Continue Reading →

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