Soul Encounters

Souls Meet But the mind was left behind It had no idea why But your presence stayed inside Only a moment it took You should be a stranger But the souls met The mind was still none the wiser It was all brief and lovely, but 5000 miles apart The Mind started to wonder How... Continue Reading →


Gareth Pugh – LFW 2016 – AW

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to Gareth Pugh for a fashion show with a Bang! The production made it all so much more interesting! it was Intense, Powerful and Beautiful! There was an eerie, evil, but powerful feel to the show, it was a performance. The setting was dark and... Continue Reading →

Believe The Law of Attraction 

You can't apply the law of attraction. It is already being applied. It is a law of nature. Of the universe. Although I have read many articles and books, watched many lectures from all different angles on the law of attraction, I have come to the conclusion that the understanding of it lies within me.You... Continue Reading →

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