Don’t Share your Goals and Dreams! Keep it Zipped!

Should we reveal our dreams and ambitions to others? something that has been lurking around in my head for some time. I can be quite a chatty person in the right crowd and love to talk about all the things I plan to do. I do this so often that I do notice these things... Continue Reading →



Also in the Paralympics ceremony a dress made using a 3D printer was brought to my attention. This is the first time I have heard of 3D printing in clothing. And I am still not sure how I feel about it. Does it defeat the craft of fashion?  Is it cheating? Will this take off? ... Continue Reading →

Believe The Law of Attraction 

You can't apply the law of attraction. It is already being applied. It is a law of nature. Of the universe. Although I have read many articles and books, watched many lectures from all different angles on the law of attraction, I have come to the conclusion that the understanding of it lies within me.You... Continue Reading →

Letting go of ANOTHER year.

Of course I have resolutions for 2015. But before I can take my step forward. I need to reflect on what I have learnt over 2014. "For when you take one step forward, one foot is still left behind" - Walter Lynch 2010 Throughout 2014 I have experienced the deepest lows of my life, but... Continue Reading →


2015 plans to take a whole new step in technology. According to Mintel, Apple are planning to expand Siri, by making commands that will turn smart lighting on and off, open doors and control other electronical items around the house. Samsung are on the same path by creating a smart home using Samsung appliances that... Continue Reading →

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