Break Free

Crowded by the realities of life Eh hem... I mean the reality they call life Or better yet the life they made reality But theres a problem I was made with a different reality You could say it is a blessing Who said you can't be who you dream Why are we living their fairytale... Continue Reading →


Alexander Wang – New York Fashion Week – AW 2016/17

So straight away I loved the background music! For my first catwalk watch it really got me excited for the weeks ahead! The sounds like Temple by Baauer Feat. M.I.A & G-Dragon and Pilates by DonMonique really bring an attitude to the vibe. The clothing match this! The Models looked rebellious, 90's, and too cool... Continue Reading →

So Fashion week or fashion weeks have begun. I have chosen a selection of catwalks of personal choice and will be writing my personal review on each of them. Happy Fashion Week ☺️   

Go Away

Just leave me aloneYour in my heart mind soulI'm possessed by your presences Just leave me aloneThe memory of you scars my bodyYour only hear to confuse meMess me around and use meBut Most importantly Your only hear to suit yourselfYou selfishly want me aroundThen you selfishly let me downYour no longer welcome in my heartIn my... Continue Reading →

Mind space Early 2015 (Unedited)

By Charlene Louise Lynch I am living in the middle of my past and my future For the first time I started dropping things off in the past Because that present time became poison And couldn't be brought forward My new beginning is just in reach New changes, big changes have occurred to set in... Continue Reading →

Life Goes On… for Some

They say life goes on But what exactly do they mean? We are constantly entering the future It can't be stopped Is this what they meant by, life goes on yet my past still effects my future I am physically stuck in the present Whilst emotionally connected to my past And mentally setting my future... Continue Reading →

All of Me

By Charlene Louise Lynch 2014 I'm trying to give you all of me But I know I'm still holding back I'm still giving you the surface me My trust levels are not existent I am wary of everyone I come across Why don't I just let go So you can see the Creative Beauty I... Continue Reading →

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