BBC once gave free TV License to Pensioners and they have now asked them to pay for their License! And if they don’t they face prosecution with a fine of up to £1000, £2000 if in Guernsay.

I mean what kind of world do we live in where the BBC bullies are allowed to threaten people, and now they target our elderly. Its time to switch them off

Growing up I was always confused as to why we would spend 100s on a TV and then spend a monthly fee to subscribe to extra channels such as cable or sky and still have to pay for a TV license on top of that. It seems like a lot of money to watch Eastenders or whatever programme we got addicted to.

After taking Media in college I learned at 16 that TV license was for BBC only. So why was we not able to choose weather we have BBC or not. With all the other channels out their I am sure a majority of the UK would have said NO to the BBC to save them £157.50 a year. Or maybe its about time that BBC funded themselves through advertising like every other streaming channel. In fact one of their marketing strategies was that they didn’t have adverts. In 2019 it was recorded that there are around 19 million households in the UK, if each household had a TV License, BBC would be raking in £2,992,500,000 per year! Ill let that sink in.

Now with all the changes to make since 2020, lets leave BBC Bullies in the past. I do not have a TV License.

Here is how to avoid one:

I have been doing this since 2014 when I moved in to my new home. But since then I have come across several people that now do the same thing. This change in the way we watch TV is what has made the BBC look to the elderly. As a lot of them are very much used to channel flicking and scheduled programmes.

TV License is for BBC, BBC iPLayer and any Live streaming TV

DVDs, Downloaded Films, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and any other Catch up channel like the channel 4 app all DO NOT require you to have a TV License. I mainly watch Netflix and YouTube so for me it was an easy transition. Just buy a Streaming Stick and don’t download iPlayer or any Live streaming app and bobs your uncle!


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