Is the world flat?

A question we should all ask ourselves…

Since the idea of a globe earth was confirmed It has been stamped into our educational books as fact.

So it then remains unquestionable. A Case solved.

However with science forever chaging and theories getting debunked over and over. Is it not time we put our taught beliefs aside.

It’s important we don’t throw all our trust into someone elses research but instead acknowledge it only. But to continue to look or pay attention to the reality that we experience.

Is the world Flat? Truth is we don’t really know. Its far to big to see with any eye or lens. But by using our senses we can ask ourselves things like:

Are we spinning or are we still?

Do we move around the sun or does the sun move around us?

Is there an upside down?

When building train tracks, roads or bridges, do we compensate for curvature?

The world may very much be round…….. But if you dont at least consider the idea of it being flat,…..are you thinking for yourself?

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