As you Know I have been following the Collins Complete Photography Course Book

The first lesson is ISO. If you love to take pictures but use auto then it is time to step into the camera and work it out.

The ISO (international Standards Organisation)  sets the sensitivity of light that you let through the camera. My Canon 60D camera Starts at 100 ISO and goes up to 6400 ISO

The following image is from my camera set on 200 ISO

IMG_2798 copy

Although the Image is a little Dark in colour, You can see all the details it brings up like the shine and writing on the magazines.

The following image I set my camera to 6400 ISO

IMG_2799 copy

The difference is huge. as you can see the higher the ISO the more light it takes in, so much so anything white in the picture is almost impossible to see. The image is over exposed, but good if you are going for that look.

I bring the ISO down to 2000 and produce the below image


It is still too exposed and the magazines still look blurry

Then I decided to take it up from 200 ISO to 320 ISO to come up with the following


I liked this image and felt it displayed exactly what I could see as it was a dull day.

The book advises that a 1600 ISO would be good for low indoor lighting so I try 1600 ISO which gave me the following


The image is still a little bright, but all the detailing is back in the image.

as 320 ISO matches its original state and 1600 ISO gives it light without too much blur and over exposure anywhere between them too points will give me the perfect photo too add a bit more light.

So in high light use a smaller ISO and for Lower lighting use a higher ISO, but beware that the higher the ISO the more grainier the picture becomes. so unless you are going for that look I would probably be adjusting my ISO from 2000 down.


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