Vogue posted the Following. Stating that the Following is the most cutting edge Instagram out there. What’s worse they encourage you to click on the bio to see the proof. -_-

@matieresfecales Instagram is undoubtedly creative, raw And absolutely out this world.

I try to admire all angles of creativity but the use of the Bizzare feet arrangement makes me more the screamish.

But fear not the feet are only wrapped in skin covered scythes! Which they will eventually make in to shoes! Not that I will personally be buying. But each to their own.

These two designers Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaan have definitely secured there own style. It is innovative, but I can’t deny the devilish haunting feel I get from it. It would seem that onlookers in Paris feel the same. As they have been spat at and called devilish in Paris.

However few Londoners seemed to have embraced them. My eyes may not be able to take some of their imagery. But it was so beautifully striking at the same time I couldn’t help but write something about it.

I would love to hear what you think about Matieresfecales!

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