I’m sure there are a lot of others out there like me when i say, Getting rid of old clothes is like committing sin.

Clothes I no longer want I go through the following questions:

  • Will it come back around in fashion?
  • Can I revamp it and make it current?
  • Will someone else want this?
  • What if I want to wear it one day?

Then boom I have put them in a suitcase in the attic should I ever need them again.

But now I don’t own an attic!! Although I have left the 2 suitcase and however many bags of clothes in my mum’s attic when I moved out. One of the suitcase being skirts alone.

After 2 years in my house my wardrobes have become extremely cluttered to the point where one of my poles fell due to the weight on it but only dropped a couple inches due to the amount of clothes shoved underneath.

Even so mum has banned me from using her attic any further for hording my clothes…..So I have finally….. in my 18 years of buying clothes in an addictive manor…..have to get rid of some.

And it wasn’t easy. My mum had to help for moral support. Anything that needed throwing she would bag straight away so I couldn’t look back.

But let’s be honest. Yes these clothes had there moments. But they are I’ll fitting and I will more then likely NOT get round to revamping them.

Mum gave me 5 piles to divide all my clothes into

  • Clothes I won’t wear again
  • Clothes I Will wear/current clothing
  • Summer wear
  • Winter wear
  • And the clothes I can’t possibly part with even though I will never wear again.

I managed to get rid of 6 and half black bin bags of clothes that we will give to charity or throw away depending on the quality.

This was massive for me at first but it feels so good and my wardrobe can breath so thank you mum for that.

I first wanted to make a tribute to the clothes that I had given away. But going through old pictures I realised there are a ton of clothes I don’t own anymore. I couldn’t tell you how we parted, but I’m glad I have.

So I will share with you my all time keepers all though I may never wear them again.

Brought from Topshop when I was 15 with my first Pay of £30 and the top cost £30. So I had spent a whole weeks wage in 1 item. I wore it once maybe twice max. But I will forever love it. My Denim Top

Brought from the Moschino store on Oxford Street when I was 17. They were brought for Notting Hill Carnival. It was the first time I had brought myself something designer. Although I tend not to wear brands today. It ment something to me back then. My Moshino Jeans

Brought from Topshop and bar far my most worn dress. This for me was my lil black dress. It was comfortable and I always felt sexy. I had also only ever seen myself in it. My long sleeve silver dress

And finally again from Topshop my very first pair of leather trousers!

Thanks for reading 😊

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