1. Statement Heels
  2. Comfortable Heels
  3. Boots
  4. Statement Trainers
  5. Converse/Vans or similar

Statement Heels with any simple mini dress or jeans and they will make all the difference. if you cant find an outfit let your heals do the talking. Team with my essential black dress and i am done.

Comfortable Heels for me are a must. I have a pair of rubber soled 90s looking heels and they are perfect they give me height and I can wear them all day dance in them and not feel an ounce of pain. I use socks to jazz them up

Boots flat or heeled is your preference. Mine are flat. I have creeper boots and i always feel trendy with them on. again it don’t matter what i wear with them as they are a statement in themselves. Dr Martens are the goto boot. find your thing and find the right boot that will do the talking for you. Yours might be knee high, or high heeled boots. find yours and let them represent.

Statement Trainers are a big trend at the moment and the are ultra comfortable. so invest in a pair that ooze your personality and it wont matter what you wear.

Converse or vans or something of the nature, for every other day. comfortable and you can preserve your statement trainers if you are not going anywhere special. for a relaxing day my converse are my favourite go to shoe essential, especially because the older and more worn out converse look the better. so they are My number 1 Shoe essential, because the more you wear them the better they look. if your converse look as good as new, you got converse all wrong!


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