So watching the documentary really cleared up the wonder of how it all came about. It actually seems to stem back to the late 60s early 70s. Black Americans seemed to have adopted a liking to the punk rock scene. But as I watch I learn there is a “Fitting In” mind set, but punk rock seemed to give that sense of belonging that maybe kids of that time didn’t seem to feel much of.

Weather it be Black youths in predominate white area’s or Mixed race american’s they didn’t seem to fit in with there surroundings, but The punk rock scene gave them freedom to be whoever they wanted to be without judgement!

Punk was a way of thinking. It gave contentment!!!

Please click link below to see the Documentary

Afro Punk Documentary

Now Afro-Punk celebrates the creative diverse people and brings them together where they can celebrate and be who they wanna be and express what they want to express.


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