Crowded by the realities of life

Eh hem… I mean the reality they call life

Or better yet the life they made reality

But theres a problem

I was made with a different reality

You could say it is a blessing

Who said you can’t be who you dream

Why are we living their fairytale

I don’t like it

The Technology

The Materialism

The Media Socialism

Is that even a word

Probably, cause on the #Platform

You can be who you wanna be


Come back down to nature

And get your head out the iCloud

Cause that aint you

Thats the image you want people to see

There’s no calling for the sheep

Its you their herding

And whilst their herding

Im yearnig

For statement turnings

I will be who I wanna be

In a world that I wanna see

I wanna know how to be free

So we can all see

Lets open our eyes

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