Should we reveal our dreams and ambitions to others?

something that has been lurking around in my head for some time.

I can be quite a chatty person in the right crowd and love to talk about all the things I plan to do. I do this so often that I do notice these things never really plan out. It’s like I let it out in spoken word and it fizzles into the universe. and most times into the hands of someone else.

But it is only recently when I have spoken about my ideas. I tend to hear this little voice in the back of my mind says “Don’t share your dream! Keep it to yourself”.

Though my erratic mind may listen the first time, the thought pops back round a bit later and there I am blurting it out.

There are a few select people that are close to me that I can’t help but tell my plans for whatever reason. But I am starting to wonder if this is a good idea.

So I will look at the various reasons as to why we should keep our dreams, aims and goals silent.

The first is what comes to my head after I tell myself to keep quiet. its all to do with ENERGY

For those are you that are like me and feel that Energy is very important. The energy that you are giving out and the energy that you are receiving. One thing that would worry me when sharing the dream is people who don’t believe you, or people that don’t want you to do well (For whatever reason that only the thinker of that thought will know) this is an instant negative energy, coming straight your way; at the same time as you are talking about things that you plan to change your life with.

I am not what you would call religious nor am I an atheist, but I often remember a pastor I briefly knew saying to me;

“Do not tell anyone your dreams, keep it to yourself and write it down, because there are dream catchers out there”

He went on to explain that these dream catchers are people who carry a lot  negative energy that draws energy and dreams from others.

So energy speaking I think it would be best to keep your dreams all to yourself, cause who wants anyone’s negativity near what’s precious. Most people don’t even mean to pass you a negative energy, it is just where they are currently at in life.

I had to look further into this, because it lingers and it lingers and it lingers with me. I am finally listening to the inner voice, but I need to research why, so I can share with others.

in 2009 a Experiment was conducted by Peter Gollwitzer, he took a group of people. All wrote down their goals. half of the group spoke out their goals to the room. They then had a set amount of time to do work that would bring them closer to their goal. Those that didn’t announce their goals worked significantly harder then those that had spoken about it.

more information on this experiment can be found here:

Other experiments were conducted at this time that produced similar results.

When you tell someone your goals you get a positive reaction you feel great like you are already achieving and it just talking about it makes you feel like its already happening. Psychology notices that by having this feeling makes us less motivated to actually achieve the initial goal. They identify this as a social reality, where speaking about your goal tricks the mind it to thinking it is already done, due to the satisfaction you feel from being congratulated. “premature sense of completeness.”

Various Studies have shown that talking about our dreams builds up an un conscience buzz within us that leaves us feeling satisfied and completed, when in fact we haven’t achieved anything just yet. We then put a pressure on ourselves to complete that goal.

Peoples Opinions! Sharing allows an opening for peoples opinions and advice, which could potentially divert you.

I often tell myself I have the determination to see it all through, but the truth is I lose motivation, not because I have lost interest, I get filled with self doubt.

I decided to start a small project, but not let anyone know what I was planning, just to see if I could get it done, true to form I did.

Proverbs 10:14

The wise don’t tell everything they know, but the foolish talk too much and are ruined

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