Current Designer: Alessandro Michele since 2015

If i was to tell you me raw first thoughts of the Gucci SS17 collection, it would be….

Ghosts of the 70s who have been time travelling through the Medieval dark ages have found them selfs in the future. still in their 70s clothes but with an era exploring touch.

Again like McQueen we have bondage elements and like Burberry and McQueen we have hints of a royalty theme. But a 70s glam inspiration has taken the lead.



The collection was shiney and colourful and beutifully mis-matched, in an eerie setting. a Tim Burton combination. I loved this collection from the start and it got better and better throughout.  Each piece had its own personality, but somehow the collection still joined together beautifully.

According to Dazed, Alessandro Michele has been known for his use of colours and pic ‘n’ mix effect.


The location really set the scene. He really brought out an eerie romance it was like a scene from Soul Train.

There was a continuous use of over-sized glasses.


It was mismatch 70s Victorian heaven! See below and make of it what you will. But the collection gets my applause!



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