Kors kicked off with a live band which was a classy touch. Even if it did get a little cheesy midway.

It did however set the scene. The collection started off with a classic feminine look. Like 40s America. We again have the ‘Corporate Colours’ this time with lovely wary of Spring florals in pinks, greens and blues.

The high waisted bikini’s were one of my favourite pieces. The silhouette was quite formal and floaty, skirts at knee length with a flare, blazers and pullovers. It has the essence of a romantic war film.

There were big daisy Earings and hair accessories that give the look some much needed youth. Again we have the sleeve over the wrist jumpers which is turning into a Trend Alert!

Although as a whole the collection sometimes looked a bit dated. And some styles like the flare bottom skirts maybe not ready for the comeback just yet. I predict anyway. BUT Kors has designed some beautiful individual pieces with lovely detailing.

Very interesting collection, it told a story, but the story didn’t seem to flow!

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