Vera Wang goes Monochrome! And again we have this merge of tailoring and sportswear! 

The show starts off with off the shoulder gypsy blouse with long sleeves. Just like DKNY Vera Wang has used over long sleeves that extend past the hand. 

On the runway it says ‘READBETWEENTHELINES’ on repeat.

The collection was feminine and powerful, what I would expect from Wang.

There were short skirts that could pass as a belt literally. More like a peplum. As well as sleeves that extend pass the hand, there is the occasional puff sleeve.

Then towards the end of the collection you see a pearl embroidery, but I have to say I’m not feeling the peplum. 

Although I like where Vera Wang was going, I like the off the shoulder silhouette, I like that she was brave enough to do a mainly black and white collection. I even appreciated the simplicity feel to the collection, it kept it serious. HOWEVER, it didn’t inspire me. 

All the use of tailoring that is being used this year is given me a “work work work work work” mood, which is definitely capturing the Current times! The difference is, not many people are enjoying it, we want anything that makes us feel free! 

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