I have been looking forward to seeing what Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell have been up to at DKNY this year. The creative directors really  impressed me last year. Their collection was fresh, hip and very New York. I have been expecting something similar this time round!

Honestly, it was a bit of an anti climax.

The collection looked opened with restructured tailoring creating a new way to power dress. A re-design of a busy working New York!

Once again, like in the Alexander Wang collection, we have this use of… I’m going to call it ‘Corporate Colours’ (Colours that you would find in a board room meeting.)

The sports wear like collection starts off with did have a very Working Class theme to it, however as it goes on it starts to resemble a rainy scene from Glastonbury!

There were jumpers with overly long sleeves, draw string rain macs and over sized bumbags.

 Although they had a theme or a story, it wasn’t clear. They had some interesting cuts and a lot of reconstructed shapes. But it didn’t help it from seeming boring. They left little to be excited about.

The colour palette is also boring for Spring Summer. And I don’t feel like much of the collection matches the times that we are in.

The end of collection showed a heard of models, marching down the catwalk in ‘boiler suits’ there is a use of long strands of string coming from certain areas of the collection. Although it may be creative, it looked like something out of a weird scary film.

DKNY did not do it for me this year. It something I would expect at a graduate fashion show. Surely a graduate could of done better!

SS 2017 DKNY collection =Slightly Boring!

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