Going from Tom Ford to Alexander wang was like going from jazz music to pop!

It took a second to re adjust and review from a new approach. Tom Ford had so much quality making it hard for anyone to follow.

Shaking that off! The collection was colourful, Fun and young. It was California dreams!

Alexander took inspiration from water sports. For me he grabbed the whole scene, not just the sports but the beach vibe that surrounds the activities.

We have bikinis and crop tops, draw string skirts and shorts. Complete Sports wear meets beach wear!

The collection is divided into 4 sections:

First we have Daywear 1  

Greys, Light blues, whites; sort of colours you’ll find in a business mans suit. There’s a lace trim throughout this section that reminds me of silky under garments.

It’s like workwear meets beachwear. Floaty short suits, cropped blouses! Chopped and screwed shirt dresses. Pinstripped Bikinis. It was quite the mesh! And a lovely mesh actually. It showed a lovely merge of workwear and beach wear! Too opposites really.

Then we have section 2! California Dreams itself.

This section pumped up the colour adding neon shades to the catwalk. A rave at the beach!

There’s a surfer element to this section, on and off the board. With wet suit like dresses, whistles, printed shirts, up peaked caps. Sweat shirts in different styles baggy, cropped, off the shoulder. 

The lace trim continues to make an appearance.

Section 3 Eveningwear

For me this is wear Alexander Wang picks up the pace. Colours stick to black and white shades. Dresses with cuts in the right places. A very sexy section.

Then we have the video break for his adidas collaboration campaign, bringing us to section 4. A storm of models in re-designed adidas originals. All black. And upside down logos.

The  show was apparently quite the festival, with macdonald vans and live music.

For me the overall show was very raw round the edges, but I liked that about it. 

It was young at heart with a statement!

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