I have loved fashion clashing for some time now, but have stayed clear as my imagination has struggled to manifest some effective clashing. Fear not! With a quick bit of research and analysis I will help you and me work it out.

Let’s have a look at some clashing that has grabbed my attention!

I find the clashing you find in high-end magazines so pleasing and artistic to the eye. I like how the above outfit clashes and the accessories have brought the whole outfit together. However, it can sometimes seem a bit daring to the everyday look.

Now with the clashes below, notice how they offer a subtle yet effective way of clashing. The outfit to the left, skirt and shirt contain a different pattern, but the use of a similar colour palette combines the outfit together.

The coat and bag brighten up the outfit but also blend in colour and adds the edge to the complete outfit.

To the left we have a bright, bold, busy print skirt that is teamed with an airy and calmer print. But notice how the skirt is dominated by blue, red and yellow, which can also be seen in the floral print of the shirt.

A red or blue bag could both work with this combination.

It would appear that a checkered print in a shirt would be a good way to get a clash. It is busy without looking busy. It offers simplicity yet in a print.

The outfits below offer an example of how you could achieve a simple patern shirt to clash.

Both with African print skirts that can be found all over Camden market if you are looking for one.


A polka dot top which is a simple print, teamed with a busy skirt.

I like this look a lot.

The use of playful colours keep the whole outfit vibrant. The red blazer, clutch and heals, seal the outfit together.

Although I adore this look !!

I still don’t feel like I could accomplish it just yet. Let’s look at some tips and ideas that are already out there.


There are some fantastic clashing tips on


They talk about clashing in colour code.

I love the use of a colour palette. Use a colour chart and pick around 3 to 5 colours that compliment each other. Then you can use that colour palette to select items for the clash!

Instead of clashing in matching colour, clashing in matching print could work. The above site mentions clashing within a theme, but the prints have to marry. For instance:

Big polk dots and small polka dots  ✅

Leopard print with zebra print (Mixed animal print) CAUTION!! could lead in to fashion disaster

Different Florals ✅

Monochrome ✅

Christmas with summer prints ❌

A good tip I find is the use of a belt to separate the prints and allow them the stand out indivualy!

There also great tips on


They cover similar tips however they also recommend clashing in pastel colours. This is great advice as this will already select a colour palette that you can stick to whilst staying subtle in appearance. It’s a great way to warm in to the clashing fashion trend.

The best tip of all is


2 thoughts on “My Journey to Clash!!

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