First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to Gareth Pugh for a fashion show with a Bang! The production made it all so much more interesting! it was Intense, Powerful and Beautiful!

There was an eerie, evil, but powerful feel to the show, it was a performance. The setting was dark and ritual looking place, which i later found out was a Masonic hall . Three men walk down a black and white check carpet to three thrones in front of them.


Then a creepy demonic sounding voice comes through and the models begin their walk!


The clothing was classic and tailored. There was an aviator style then a few subtle, but elegant pieces.Loads of the colour camel really giving that classic feel to the tailoring. Then bright Blue and black creating a lovely contrast. The capes also added to the power in this collection. It was sharp and grown up!

There is a running theme of a disc shape head piece that really reminds me of the Halo’s in religious paintings. This also added to the already symbolic vibe.


There is array of white stars. The white stars against the blue looks very American Flag. With the clothing also looking very presidential it does make me wonder if Hilary Clinton was part of the inspiration.


The hair and make up were also original. There were bands around the face, that enhanced high cheek bones, classic 40s hair rolls and a few creepy Hannibal or Bane looking masks.

It oozed symbolism, politics and subtle detailing. It was like watching a Marvel Movie!

Although its dark it was a joy to watch. It was fun looking into the story of this collection. However had I had seen the collection without the Garth Pugh Presentation I may have not been as excited. But… I GET IT…. when you look at the collection in one go it can look very simple and plain, but then as you look a little close little edgy detailing pops up everywhere. This has to be one of my top 5 so far. it was thought through, intense and edgy, but classic and elegant at the same time. There is a lot of depth to the whole show GO GARETH PUGH



This review is only based on the first 4.09 mins as that was all that was available for me too see.



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