The collection was dark, creative, out of this world. Like a Tim Burton Movie! I loved it! The core of the colour was black and dark colours, but then you get a small burst of brightness with an element of fun. Lots of sparkle, big bows, pink. It gives it a fairy tale feel like a pixie.


Having the appearance of out of this world Lady Gaga as a model help sum up the whole collection. A personality that can really fit the part.


The shoe throughout was a high platform heal boots with a grunge edge. There was oversized everything, skirts, jumpers, jackets it brought around an exciting bold silhouette. There was an Victorian feel to the silhouettes.


Then in the detail we see lace, laser cuts and big but subtle embroidering. The models looked amazingly weird and wonderful, they looked like a tribe from another world. And if ever there was a queen to this tribe we have the stunning Molly Bair herself. A model that for me is at the top!


The collection itself is so amazing, it definitely borders costume design of an epic out of this world film. But that is because it’s so effective, so expressive its Art! I love it!

Some of the pieces absolutely amaze me, I could stare at them for hours.


It’s like it’s own little story. There’s. Uniqueness to the whole collection, it reminds me of the work of the late Alexander McQueen!

Marc Jacobs

It’s a collection that has the ability to become its own trend, it’s own subculture. Some designers design clothes, but others design Art. Then you have the rare designer that can create culture.


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