The Collection – Outstanding! Blew me away! 

Fashion Show – ummmm not so much

For the Marc Jacobs collection I am going to focus on the fashion show itself first, before I follow up with my review of the catwalk.

Now there is a reason I was slightly disappointed with the final production of Marc Jacobs, and that is that I heard it with no sound the first time round. Or at least I thought there was no sound. I was on lunch break with my headphones in. However it seemed to have sound problems! So I pulled out the headphones and watched it in silence. So assuming it was a internet flaw, I took the headphones out and aimed to watch it in full production when I was home.

As the first few pieces made their way on to the catwalk I was amazed and in oar of the collection. It was amazing the best I had seen so far. I had to switch it off. I need to watch this collection in its full beauty.

I was more than excited to see how these amazing pieces were to be executed! So when I’m sat down with my cup of Tea and I hear the odd continuous chime that was like an irritating bug near your ear that you couldn’t slap away. I realised that it HAD sound all along I just needed to listen a bit longer.

So I’m home now I’m comfortable and I’m excited. However I still seem to be having sound problems I feel defeated and just decide to watch the collection after all that is the important bit.

As I continue to watch I realise that the catwalk is actually mainly silent, sound was non existent apart from an eerie sounding chime that went off every now and again. It became so piercing that I ended up watching in silent anyway.

I can’t deny that I felt disappointed especially because my mind spent more time wondering of how I would have executed this collection, then actually watching the catwalk. The chime noise was so annoyingly piercing that I had to turn the whole thing down and practically watch it in silent like I had first time round.

From a very young age my dream was to become a creative director for catwalks. So when I do watch catwalks that disappoint me, I can’t help but feel I should have stayed on that path. I personally feel that all that creative effort, all the blood sweat and tears should be be executed with a bang that screams the theme. So I can get irritated by a poorly thought through catwalk.

A little more thought into the productions goes a long way, it’s refreshing and will definitely gain publicity! Because very few push the extra mile with the final production. So it leaves a gap to stand out.

I am all for an explosive final production.

Yes my excitement and built up anticipation had led me to feel a little bit disappointed. It was an anti climax. HAVING SAID THAT!!! After I got over that and re watched with a clear, no expectations mind. I began to grasp the art behind the whole thing. I feel like although it was simple I could detect the thought put into it.

The clear clean cut runway was perfect. All the excitement was in the collection. An extravagant runway may have been an over kill. The eerie sound did add character to the pieces. It made the whole execution mysterious, spooky whilst all concentration and senses stay focuses on the amazing pieces that followed one another. The modelling and the collection was fantastic!

Such exaggerated clothing with a simple setting. It was almost match made.

It gave like a haunting feel to the whole collection which was alright because the clothing was very haunting, dramatic and dark.

With Marc Jacobs being one of my favourite designers I will not include this rant in my final review. The clothes were so amazingly everything, that I need it separate. Stay tuned…




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