As Beethoven play’s in the background, and a surge of black black and more black and then a mix of dull earthy tones to end on, personally gave me the feel of a romantic war story.

There was a strong balance of masculinity and femininity thought this show. Long maxi skirts with a long side split and maxi dresses with a strap detail over an open back. The continues black with a splash of white gives a old European feel.

Then after the stampead of black came a range of subtle print on sheer fabric, the print reminded me of an old fashioned expensive wallpaper. Very romantic. It completely changed the energy. Almost dreamy.

After the dreamy sheers we return back to the strong wear that could be felt through the the range of black wear. But this time in colour. Well almost. Shades of olive, khaki, Browns and greys.
Then the show ended on a beautiful sheer dress with lines of sequins giving the whole story a pleasant ending.

One thought on “Vera Wang – NY Fashion Week 2016 – AW

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