This designer was not on my chosen list, but I came across him just the other day. I hadn’t heard of him before. So instead of a review, I will spread more of an awareness of this designer. 

Kerby Jean-Raymond who is founder and designer of New York based Pyer Moss which is named after his late mother.

Jean-Raymond has used fashion to speak out about the racism problems that still surround us. He used a T-Shit to name some of the unamed black men killed in police shootings. He never intended to sell the shirt. But seen as it did sell the money made is donated to the ACLU and only 250 will be sold.

For his 2016 Spring Summer collection that was a collaboration with artist Gregory Siff, Jean-Raymond had created a film short clips with artists, collaborators and the families of the police shooting victims, all speaking about their views on racism throughout America. After it had been announced that this short film was to be shown alongside his fashion show the venue pulled out.

He used the brutality of what was and has been happening as inspiration for the collection. Artistically using red paint to represent the bloodshed.


Alongside these blanket statement pieces were a strong line of sportswear. Red bands are continuous throughout in a small bold statement. The shorts and leggings is a style that follows Jean-Raymond’s personal style. Just with a bang!

This collection is quirky, stylish and artistic! There is more than a man with a statement here. Pyer Moss is an edgy brand. The statement just enhances what is there already.

For his AW 2016/17 collection, Jean-Raymond has teamed up with Erykah Badu and has used depression as his inspiration focus. The following images speak for themselves! This designer is definitely one to watch. I loved the SS collection, but for AW he has up’d his game! He has taken his brand from sportswear to luxury sportswear. Depression, anxiety and so on are medical conditions that are on the rise in people. Again the designer has kept his inspirations so current.

Strong, fierce, bold, outspoken, I love it all!

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