As of yet I haven’t been able to see Victoria Beckham’s fashion show. So I have looked up as many bits about it as I could find.
Straight away I felt like I was looking at Victoria’s wardrobe, the style is very much her. I later saw a video of her talking to vogue, she explained that the collection were things she loves to wear. I felt she completely showed that in her pieces. Mission Complete! I like that in a designer. I love how each designer takes a different path to complete there collections. There’s no set structure. Every time I have seen Victoria’s designs I have felt that they look like things she would wear. Now that she has confirmed that is exactly what she was trying to achieve, I respect her for it.
I wasn’t able to view the full show, as I’m to early. However I’m now not overly adamant I have to see it. I can already grasp the feel of it, from the pictures and short clips.

All models strutted out with slicked backed hair. Subtle make up with bright lipstick.The look as a whole is very elegant, very womanly but with an independent vibe. Something about it reminds me of Valentino. I think it’s the way she can beautifully compliment the woman’s figure. 

There is a lot of checkered and stripe prints which straight away reminded me of her Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. Victoria had mentioned the fabrics being very masculine and true to form there is a very country male vibe about the material in this collection.
I particularly liked the wool suits. 


There were lots of strapless dresses with cut outs all in the right places. Sexy, subtle and elegant!


My favourite thing about the whole show (of what I have seen) is the casual approach she took at the ending. She finished the show wearing a polo neck jumper, black trousers and white pumps. It gave a humbling feel. I think she done really well. Victoria Beckham isn’t a brand that personally suits me. But I still appreciate what she has done very much.

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