So straight away I loved the background music! For my first catwalk watch it really got me excited for the weeks ahead! The sounds like Temple by Baauer Feat. M.I.A & G-Dragon and Pilates by DonMonique really bring an attitude to the vibe.

The clothing match this! The Models looked rebellious, 90’s, and too cool for school! I love it! The background was in a church setting. Nice. Very controversial.
There is a running theme of words like ‘Strict’, ‘Girls’, ‘Tender’ and ‘Faded’. Printed throughout, on Woolly hats, stamped on jumpers, across the chest of see through long sleeves, so that it just covers the nipples in a beautiful conflicting manor and one of my favorites around the thigh on tights!

The mix of wool and leather was refreshing for me. The tweed suits brought a Chanel feel with an edge. The Pole Dancer Motif and Cannabis Leaf print just added to the rebellious edge of it all.

The overall trend felt very current, but what I loved most was the style of everything it was on point for me personally. There were moments where a few pieces that were very street wear, the kind of wear that you throw on and still feel trendy. I feel those items for me are at best when they don’t have an Alexander Wang price tag on it.Instead were a range of low cost steals that you teamed together and created the same look.But still Fantastic!

Now the dress at the end (Below) with the leather skirts and the see through looking top, that I would pay a Wang price for!

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

it was dark, edgy, full of attitude and very strictly Bad-ass! Everything my personality LOVES!



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