It’s been 263 Days since I last posted. So to the readers I have, I want to apologise. I won’t give the reason, excuse or life story. Instead I will carry from where I left of and promise to not leave it that long again!

So as I pretty much started with Feng Shui. So I moved into my new house and I had my Feng shui planned out in my house I desperately needed to be surrounded by good energy. So I was excited!

But! It didn’t quite Ouse like I had thought it would! I was obsessed with learning all I could learn to get it right. So it wasn’t that I had got it wrong, I had followed so many rules. Sofa against a solid wall, no mirrors facing doors, beds against a solid wall and not near the door, walkways clear, no TVs in the bedrooms, calm soothing colours in the bedrooms, social colours warm colours in the living area, the list is endless! But! I still felt sad, lonely, anxious and agitated.
So I let go of the written Feng shui and got in tune with how I felt in every room. What bothered me? What calmed me? How can I enhance what made me feel good?Where do I prefer things? Even if it is breaking the Feng Shui guidelines!

I felt, I feel better, more relaxed more at home. It’s finally turning in to my space my way!

However, there was one little Feng shui beauty that I feel strongly about. The crystal! Although I don’t feel it aiding my room, what I have felt it do is protect me. Over the summer on a couple occasions I’ve nearly left the window open before leaving, the Window with the crystals. Each time I have heard a sound like a light chime and each time it has caught my attention towards the window and realising I was about to leave it unlocked.
So in short, the crystal, that piece of Feng Shui, it stays!

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