You can’t apply the law of attraction. It is already being applied. It is a law of nature. Of the universe. Although I have read many articles and books, watched many lectures from all different angles on the law of attraction, I have come to the conclusion that the understanding of it lies within me.

You are apart of this world this galaxy this universe and the universe is all apart of you. It’s a connection that goes in and out all the same time.
Just like there is no limit to how big the universe is there is no limit to how small a particle can get. Like little universes inside them selves over and over again.
You are the centre of your universe. You most heartfelt emotions in life is what you will draw to yourself. Your biggest fears, you deepest desires. As long as they are felt from deep within, it’s most likely you will bring towards yourself.
If you are controlled by negative thoughts, no doubt your life will appear negative, and you will be letting off a negative energy.
I feel there is no right way to apply the law of attraction, you need to understand your own universe to establish what works best for you.
In our lives as much things that stress us there is just as much to be grateful about. So start focusing on the positives and watch how things change.
The best way to do this is by reminding yourselves of the things you are grateful for from deep down inside. And believing that you will get all of what you want from life. This isn’t a magic trick this is life.

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