By Charlene Louise Lynch

I am living in the middle of my past and my future
For the first time I started dropping things off in the past
Because that present time became poison
And couldn’t be brought forward
My new beginning is just in reach
New changes, big changes have occurred to set in stone a new beginning
How awful would it be if after the poisoned present I was to return to the earlier past
It would have made the journey pointless and a waste of time
So a completely new future makes the past pain
A little more bearable, a little more past
With a whole new start there is no space to bring in the past
But as I sit and wait for this new future to start taking form
I am in limbo between the past and the future
It’s usually called the present
But this time the present is split between two different lives
The life I used to live
And the life I’m about to live
The present has never seemed more irrelevant
Like a blank space between two forces
So as I live in the moment of now
I feel cluttered
Clearing out my old life
Whilst bringing in bits of new life
Has left me in a space of mess
A waiting mess may I add
And just to clutter my mind even more
I started reading the story
You know the one that is supposed to explain everything
You know the one that is supposed to hold all the answers
The story that was supposed to have been written in the past
But was supposed to shape our future
Is it a coincidence that I chose such a time of messy head space
To clutter it even more with more questions then answers
A story, writings, that forever lives in limbo
Written from the past with the hope to help mans future
Writings that sit there and wait till that one human finally gets it
And it changes there life forever
Is it a coincidence that as I sit in limbo in my life
As I am forced to play the waiting game
That my only escape from my messy mind
Is to throw myself into the mess of all life

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