They say life goes on
But what exactly do they mean?

We are constantly entering the future
It can’t be stopped
Is this what they meant by, life goes on

yet my past still effects my future
I am physically stuck in the present
Whilst emotionally connected to my past
And mentally setting my future

So has life gone on?
Or has it just matured and evolved

They say that life goes on
But the only fact in life
Is that life eventually dies
Those left behind that cry
Are they life, that still goes on
Even though one day they will gone
Leaving the other life’s behind

Maybe life goes on is a general term
What it is in life that goes on I’m yet to learn

They say that life goes on
But then I’m surrounded by people that live a similar life
Day to day week to week year to year
Has there life really gone on
Or have the aged in the repetitiveness of their lives

I’m sorry, maybe life goes on around you
But nothing is new under the sun
And life for me doesn’t just go on
It goes up down
Left right
Backwards and forwards
Always sitting in the present
whilst entering the future
but carrying the past
My life may grow and mature, change paths switch lanes step back and step forward
Until that day it is no longer going on
And who knows where life leads after that

Life goes on
But what does that mean?

Written by Charlene Lynch
Inspired by Rebecca Olaleye

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