For Christmas my beautiful sister finally made the move I had been taking ages to make, she brought me a pair of New Balances.

As most of my trainer buys end up collecting dust in my cupboard. I wanted to get a colour I would make use of.

Also being a Nike girl I only ever indulge in one pair of non Nikes.

So when I opened the pair of trainers and saw lilac. The grey was fine, but LILAC! I wasn’t sure I could get down with lilac. Me and my sister are close so I was eventually honest.

But why is it I couldn’t wear lilac?
I realised I had been sticking to a colour palette of blacks, greys and plums. Then there will be the odd orange and blues. But all the strongest of its shade. So as adventurous as I thought I was. I was still within a range!

So when my sister offered to change them
I said no!
I am a fashionista!
I need to be able to work a wider range.

It didn’t take long before they have become my favourite trainer, they have already had more wears then the trainers I have owned all year. My sister also played it safe and brought me a pair of Nikes, which haven’t left the box yet.

Not only have I fallen for the colour. But who knew that New Balances fit like a glove!

They are so amazing I have to have a few pairs! I will also make sure the next pair are out of my comfort zone.

Here are just a few outfits I plan to work my New Balances with…



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