Letting go of ANOTHER year REMIX

By Charlene Louise Lynch

One step forward,
One foot still behind
Deepest lows
But I found a way out
Even through the impossible.

My heart felt so much pain
It almost stopped beating
I wanted to give up.
But I didn’t,
I’m happy.

Why let others effect our happiness,
Nearly giving up on ourselves.
We are all on our individual paths.
I can not hurt due to others choices
Individual destines and lessons

I hid from the world
Hiding from choices, out of my control.
Feeling ashamed
I trusted you, you ruined me
But I was hiding from myself.

I hid 60 miles away
In my safest place
“You can’t run away from yourself”
he was right,
I was judging myself

Why did I care
About the choices I didn’t make.
Or more importantly
The choices I do make.
They are mine after all.

We live life through different eyes.
So may never understand
The choices of other minds.
People that knew me, know me.
Others are random images floating by.

I will love again!
But I need to love me more.
I already love her more
I couldn’t possibly love anything more.
She is apart of me.

In my self pity
I overdosed on knowledge.
How will I fight this
This depression I was feeling.
I had unknowingly started the fight!

Up and down,
comforting and scary,
Exciting and magical,
You can’t predict it.
So enjoy the ride!

There is no ride more thrilling then life.
We are all destined for the same ending
So don’t give up
Absorb all you can.
For we don’t know what’s next.

I have felt heartbreaks,
But none as intense as this
But I walked away stronger and wiser.
The mind set I endure
Were not possible without the lessons I have learnt

He made me feel content,
It was the first time I had felt it.
But having felt it,
Even for a little bit,
I was able to find that feeling within myself.

I was able to find Peace.

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