By Charlene Louise Lynch 2014

I’m trying to give you all of me
But I know I’m still holding back
I’m still giving you the surface me
My trust levels are not existent
I am wary of everyone I come across
Why don’t I just let go
So you can see the Creative Beauty I really hold
On a good day I can have 60 thoughts to the minute
On a bad day I still can give a good 10 a minute
But what’s the point when I keep them locked
In fear that you won’t like them or you will re use them
All this fear, wasn’t that part of this years lesson
To stop fearing the unknown
Stop fearing the whats to come
So many beautiful minded people in the world
Yet I let my self get stale out in the stock room
It’s time to put me on the shelf
I’m here I’m ready
I know I haven’t been giving you my all
Or is it I haven’t been giving myself my all
Why do I always think I’m not good enough
What has the mind corrupting events done to me
It’s like I am still searching for me
If I realise I am lost isn’t that a start
Or is everyone walking around completely found
If I don’t share with you
How can you share with me…

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