2015 plans to take a whole new step in technology. According to Mintel, Apple are planning to expand Siri, by making commands that will turn smart lighting on and off, open doors and control other electronical items around the house. Samsung are on the same path by creating a smart home using Samsung appliances that will also operate by voice command. Of course Google will also be following trend.

The aim is then to also have all smart objects synced with one another.

As a kid I thought it was impossible, but of course I was wrong, look out for scent messaging, yes I said scent messaging. To be set up by oPhone. Consumers will be able to send odours!

Let me remind you anything is possible! Anything!

So as our world gets taken over by technology, films like I robot and Surrogates are reality in the making. I was sat down with my 2 male best friends, just a couple of the few people in this world that share my thinking towards life. One of them asks for my password to enter my iPad, he is surprised as he uses the same password formula. This brings us onto the topics of passwords and the themes we use behind them. The other friend acts first a little cagy about revealing his password method. I ask him if he truly believes his things are private. It’s funny we won’t share our passwords with the people we supposedly trust, but yet we have bits of our lives stored in cyberspace with the “trust” that no one else can see.

I however don’t share this belief, the things I have stored in my cyberspace life are things that wouldn’t be the complete end of my personal world should anyone get their nosy hands on it. For instance my creative ideas are to me my personal secrets until I decide to make them public. These are all things I have stored in my personal hard drive called MY MIND!

My friend laughed and asked what if you forget an amazing idea. I explained that, that wasn’t how it worked in my mind, once I love an idea it stays there, I can think back on it anytime I wish to. Yes technology is very advanced and helpful, but let’s not forget that our minds are much greater then any computer, after all it was a mind that invented all this ‘Out of This World’ technology.

If I had things my way I would encourage people to stop buying into this amazing constant upgrade of technology, and start buying into the amazing piece of technology you already are. Learn your own sense of powers, like I stated before, EVERYTHING is possible!

The sad thing is, I don’t have my way and I fear this madness has gone to far. We all saw the animals that fell into Asda for a £149 40 inch TV on Black Friday. Did any one else ask themselves how convenient it was that the media was there before the doors opened. A riot over cheap technology.

With most of the world so dependant on technology, have we lost our natural way?


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